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NetID Help   

NetID:   Your NetID identifies you to University. Your NetID cannot be changed. You will be required to provide this NetID and a password when you log into certain sites that require authentication.

If you forget your NetID you can search for it using the Find Your NetID function.

Activating Your    
After joining the Yale community, Yale will send you an initial PIN and NetID information. You must use this to activate your NetID before you can access any web site that requires authentication. Your NetID can only be activated once. You can activate your NetID at Activate Your NetID.

Central Authentication Service:   Certain web sites will require that you enter your NetID and password to gain access. Once logged in, you will not need to enter your NetID and password again until you log out or you close all of your browser’s windows.

Email Address:   When activating your NetID, you may optionally provide an email address. This address is used exclusively by this system to notify you when your NetID Password or Security Information has been updated. It is not linked to any other Yale system.

Your email address can be changed on the Change Your NetID Security Info web site. Changing your email address on this site does not change any other email addresses that Yale may have recorded.

Password:   You establish your password when you activate your NetID. The password is not known to Yale Faculty or Staff.

Your password can be changed on the Change Your NetID Password web site. If you forget your password, you can reset using the Forgot Your NetID Password function.

PIN:   A PIN is a set of 8 characters. The PIN is a temporary identifier used in the activation of your NetID. When your NetID is activated, the PIN is consumed and cannot be used again.

Your initial PIN is valid until 30 days after your start date with Yale. If you forget your password and security answers, you may be given a temporary PIN. Temporary PINs are valid for 1 hour only.

and Answers:   
When you activate your NetID, you will be asked several personal questions. The answers will be used to confirm your identity should you forget your password.

You can change the answers to these questions on the Change Your NetID Security Info web site.